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      To the lay public, homeopathy has everything to do with drops and more droplets or small globules ingested several times a day. It is still true that the user of this type of medication usually have around a crowded little bag of jars and vials, but are often taken only single doses.

      Applied to animals drops to disappear and come “in the case of cattle,” the trivialíssimo mineral salt drug vehicle as sucrose having a powdered form. And as this practice is spreading around the world, following the search for products free of chemical, homeopathic medicines are irreversible market trend. But for now, homeopathy has been used for a share more enlightened farmers seeking differentiated products for the control of residues and resistance. With the use, there is a large reduction in environmental impact, reducing the cost of livestock.
      Today in the country about 50,000 customers use homeopathic products manufactured by Arenales Homeopatianimal, with over 1,000,000 head of cattle in homeopatização, and other species.

      WHO USES IT?

      Demand is increasing, the fact is that homeopathy is gaining sympathy and adhesion of large ranchers and also of the Pets lovers than those who are eyeing the organic market, traceability and control of waste that also advance about this lode.