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    • Employees participate in dynamics in September

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 28/09/2020

      Several dynamics were made this month, one on the National Day to Combat Suicide in reference to ‘Yellow September’. In this activity, a kind of secret friend was held with the participants elaborating motivational phrases for the person, in order to take care of that friend with attitudes to make the day better. Even treats were offered to each other.

      Another dynamic was about care for cardiovascular diseases. During labor gymnastics a circuit was made to test the condition of the heart. It was also talked about the importance of keeping cardiovascular exams up to date.

      The last activity dealt with the topic of Organ Donation. Guidance was given so that employees are aware of the cause and express the family, the desire to be a donor.

      According to Jaime Pereira dos Santos, president of Cipa (Internal Commission for Accident Prevention), of Arenales Homeopatianimal, all these activities in September were designed to raise awareness and create a more harmonious environment in the company.

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