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    • Homeopathy optimizes fattening with rising beef exports

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 09/06/2020

      Slaughterhouses across the country have been feeling the demand for beef increasing in recent months due to the pandemic. Data from the Brazilian Refrigerators Association (Abrafrigo), show that Brazilian exports of beef, processed and in natura, grew 21% last month in comparison with the same period of 2019, with a 35% increase in revenues, according to a survey released on Monday (8).

      According to the association, the country exported 183 thousand tons in the last month against 151.3 thousand tons sold in May 2019. In revenue, the negotiations generated US $ 780.1 million to the country, surpassing US $ 577.8 million. last year.

      Viability of veterinary homeopathy for fattening

      Homeopathic factors can be used for various purposes, but for cattle fattening and better carcass finishing, it has been a latest trend in the face of increased exports, especially in feedlots. They help in this process more quickly so that the animal still has the necessary teeth (be young) and can be sold to the foreign market.

      Arenales Homeopatianimal, a pioneer in the manufacture of these drugs, has the FACTOR COMFIM PÓ®, indicated to help increase digestibility in debilitated animals. It also controls the agitation of animals (stressed) during handling, adaptation in confinement, in addition to minimizing libido in sexual desire, in both sexes.

      With the Homeopathic Factor, sodomy control is promoted and there is an improvement in feed conversion with the use of nutrients. In this way, the carcass finish is superior to animals of the same age that did not receive the medication. Even animals with genetic disadvantage achieve expressive results of early fattening.

      Another differential of the application of veterinary homeopathy is that the slaughter of the animal can be immediate. There is no risk of meat being left with chemical residues, since the medication is natural, following the most rigorous export standards.

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