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      Arenales Homeopatianimal® is a brazilian company, founded in May 1998, starting its activities in January 2001 under the direction of Medical Veterinary Homeopath Dr. Maria do Carmo Arenales. The unit was born with three employees in an area of 310 m2 in 2000, expanding today to 3500 m2 of built area, and with capacity to produce up to 1,000,000 monthly doses of medication.

      Vista Aérea da Matriz Arenales em Presidente Prudente.

      Aerial View of Arenales Matrix in Presidente Prudente.

      The Arenales has as the goal, control and prevent diseases, reduce costs, avoid waste in animal products and minimize environmental impact by Homeopathic factors.

      From research and technological investments, Arenales Homeopatianimal, enables the application of Fatores® Arenales, as a practical means of prevention and treatment of endo and ectoparasites, accelerating the development of the animals, fight infections, among other numerous benefits.

      We are a pioneer in technology in homeopathic veterinary segment in the country, being the first Laboratory of the Americas capable of manufacturing safe medicines that protect the environment, working under a strict quality control, in accordance with the standards of Good Practices manufacture of veterinary products. All products are registered in MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).


      Develop sustainable technology and nanotechnology applied to the Homeopathic Veterinary Laboratory, in order to use the knowledge of the healing art of Samuel Hahnemann to the benefits of homeopathy applied to animals and plants.


      Balancing the higher purposes of the business and corporate life to research, sustainable technology, communications and production of homeopathic medicines for all categories of animals and plants, “as well as generate sustainable development cooperating for Brazil and world more healthy, prosperous and mainly ethical” .


      Homeopathic medicines for veterinary use for the treatment and prevention of endoparasites and ectoparasites, accelerating development, fighting infections, among other benefits: Dogs, Cats, Birds ornamental and posture, and ornamental fish production, Cattle, Horses, Goats, sheep and Pigs, having a line of more than 100 medicines called Fatores® Arenales.


      Seek the satisfaction of our customers, striving to meet their needs and expectations, respecting ethical standards, providing veterinary products with quality and effectiveness, prioritizing always:

      * Constant improvement of our employees - covering every type of individual and group training, meetings, courses, lectures, seminars, conferences, etc. The improvement relates to the capacity of the person to perform the best way its function, as well as learning new tasks.

      * Scientific and Technological innovation - working with good equipment with the planned periodic maintenance completed, work with good quality materials purchased from qualified suppliers, periodic review of the techniques used and described operating procedures.

      * Continuous improvement of processes - seeking to increase product reliability by the results of confirmation index, be associated with entities of the same activity, keeping improvement projects of process steps.



      Company Name: Laboratório Veterinário Homeopático Fauna & Flora Arenales Ltda.

      Address: Maurilio Fernandes, 141 – Industrial District Ana Jacinta – Presidente Prudente / SP – CEP: 19064-190.

      Contact: E-mail: [email protected]       Phone: 55 18 3909 9090